Want to make a difference in the lives of your kids and other's? Volunteer!


You have so many opportunities to use whatever talents you have to make a difference. It doesn't have to take hours and hours. You don't have to have some crazy, insane talent, either. (Although it is greatly appreciated when you do volunteer a crazy, insane talent. Have you seen our mural on the kindergarten wall, the library and the other kindergarten wall?)


Below are many ways you can help. Whether it be an hour here or there to help a child pick out a book at the twice annual Book Fair or be an Art Docent for your child's class. (No art experience required. I promise.)

Art Docent


Love color or living outside the lines?  Then the Art Docent is a place for you!  


This is a volunteer based art program, where parents lead lessons in specific projects.  Each child participates in the Art Docent program and their work is displayed during the Spring Open House Art Show.  


The PTA donates money for supplies for this great Art program. Check with your child's teacher about helping out.

PTA Events


We have an active PTA who put on a number of great events through the year, and volunteers are welcome and needed for all events.


Our main events that we need volunteers for are Outdoor Movie Night, Book Fair, Family Game Night, Girls' Dance, Boys' Evening, Ice Cream Social and Falcon Fest.


Volunteer signups are posted under events as they become available. Or check with our volunteer coordinator if you have something you know you want to do to help. You can sign up here.

Or if you would like to be on our General Volunteer list where we contact you to see what events you are available for as they come up, please sign up here. We would LOVE to have you!

Get Involved


Okay, not really a volunteer, but it is about using your time. 


A great way to make a difference is to just get involved. Join the PTA. Attend meetings (check the calendar for dates). 


We really are a nice bunch of people. And becoming a member and going to meetings means you get a say in what we do and how we do what we do for your kids. We want your input.