Download the Membership form by clicking the big button to the right. 

Just fill it out and bring it back to the office with a check and leave it in the PTA box.

Why Join?

There are many reasons to join the Friends of Forest Grove PTA. See the list below for some of the many reasons: 


  1. Your child(ren) benefit. Research has shown that children do better in school when their parents are involved.

  2. You stay informed about what is going on at the school.

  3. You get to hang out with all of us PTA members. (If you want to. I promise we don't bite. Most of us.)

  4. Your voice is heard. When you have something you want to share or a concern to voice, the PTA is a great avenue to get that done. (The principle and a few teachers show up to most meetings.)

  5. Membership does not equal volunteering. Just because you join the PTA doesn't mean that you HAVE to volunteer. We really appreciate the help when we can get it, but even becoming a member and showing up to a meeting here and there is help.